QEPOS has a proven track record for developing the most productive e-commerce systems that truly do deliver a Return on Investment. Our systems are integrated with a total sales psychology that is applied in the online world, only the development and planning team at QEPOS can truly understand your business and put your goals and ambitions to action.  QEPOS has a portfolio of fully content managed e-commerce products that can put you in the ecommerce frame at a far rapid pace.


QEPOS’s ecommerce solution helps multi-channel retailers sell more online via their ecommerce store. The ecommerce module can be used independently or as part of the QEPOS multi-channel retail system. QEPOS Solution seamlessly integrates an Electronic Point of Sale system (EPoS) and E-commerce solution that allows any retailer to optimise their route to market, whilst using one single retail system to manage all aspects of their business.


With the QEPOS E-commerce solution, you use one product file, one customer file and the same stock across all your sales channels in real time. The ecommerce solution simplifies and streamlines a retailer’s business. It puts an end to those frustrating orders for stock that doesn’t exist and no more separate customer files, allowing retailers to make the most of their ecommerce store.

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