The most productive e-commerce systems that truly do deliver a Return on Investment. Our systems are integrated with a total sales psychology that is applied in the online world, only the development and planning team can truly understand your business and put your goals and ambitions to action.  

E-commerce solution helps multi-channel retailers sell more online via their e-commerce store. The e-commerce module can be used independently.  The solution seamlessly integrates an Electronic Point of Sale system (EPoS) and E-commerce solution that allows any retailer to optimise their route to market, whilst using one single retail system to manage all aspects of their business.


With the  E-commerce solution, you use one product file, one customer file and the same stock across all your sales channels in real time. The e-commerce solution simplifies and streamlines a retailer’s business. It puts an end to those frustrating orders for stock that doesn’t exist and no more separate customer files, allowing retailers to make the most of their e-commerce store.

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